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Book by 

Kamilla Benforte

Our energy is a form of a battery that requires charging and taking care of it. While our physical body is clearly visible to us, nobody tends to care about the invisible field, and yet it is the most important element of our being. We keep spending money on beauty products and plastic surgeries while our inner energy falls onto the back burner or gets forgotten at all. The purpose of this book is to demonstrate the importance of the invisible parts of our being which is largely responsible not just for the way we look and act but also for our thinking process, our mindset, our relationships, and career. Equal care of your emotional, spiritual, mental, and body state is vital in this process. All parts of our humanness are closely connected and interact with each other holistically for our overall well-being. This book will be your guide to live a healthy, happy life and miraculously not only slow down but also reverse the aging process.


Nearly 500 years ago Copernicus was struggling with the decision to share his Heliocentric Theory of the Universe with the rest of the World. It wasn’t until he found himself on his death bed when he finally decided to publish his work

90 years later, Galileo Galilei was punished for supporting Copernicus’s discovery and was thrown in prison and later spent the rest of his life in the House Arrest. ⁣

Today science is contemplating again whether to make their new discovery about our world public because it can potentially change our lives overnight

Why is that? ⁣

What consequence would it bring to your own life? ⁣

Is it that scary?⁣

How can we prepare for the inevitable?⁣

What would you do knowing that your life is nothing but an illusion?⁣

And finally, what would you do knowing that your possibilities are truly endless?⁣

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Live the Life

You've Imagined


My Story

Kamilla Benforte is an executive emotional intelligence 

coach, an author, artist, philosopher, and founder of Virtuous CircleCoaching.



Born in Poland and having lived in many places across Europe,

North America, Asia, and Australia, Kamillas life has been

influenced by many cultures from around the world.

After spending nearly 20 years in the veterinary industry, Kamilla finds that her true calling is served in providing emotional support to people who struggle in their personal and professional lives.




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