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Absorbed by the Vortex

A while back, I discovered a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks that describes Abraham's teachings - The Vortex. In my opinion, it is one of those books that saved my life.

Some time ago, I suffered an injury that left me confined to a wheelchair for several months. Due to my independence, finding myself in a position in which I cannot assist others, but rather must rely on others for assistance was a frightening experience for me. I was powerless. It was difficult to even take a sip of water without help. My health deteriorated rapidly during the first month, and I accepted the notion that I was dying. My negative energy caused even the plants in my room to die.

This book helped me understand what I subconsciously already knew but had forgotten due to my circumstances. I became entangled in the vortex - a dangerous situation in which you become increasingly involved and cannot escape. In the view of Esther Hicks, every thought you have generates a flow of energy in one form or another, and whatever you concentrate your attention on expands in size with each repetition. According to her instructional writings, if you wish to achieve the good things in life, you must focus on the good things rather than the bad.

My discovery of Ester Hicks' book during a moment of weakness was quite strange. I believe that it was either an accident or a gift from the universe. It was at that moment that I needed to be reminded of my strength. Life can sometimes provide solutions or even stepping stones that you desperately need in order to pull yourself out of a rabbit hole that you have fallen into unexpectedly. There are some days when you wish you did not get out of bed at all, due to the overwhelming sense of doom and gloom. You fail at basic shit. As the day progresses, your self-esteem has just taken a monumental turn for the worse.

On other days, it appears that you are on a high speed and the universe is engaged. There is nothing you can't accomplish on this day, everything goes smoothly, you feel strong and empowered, and nothing is going to stand in your way.

There is a reason why life is a rollercoaster. A person who has never experienced a bad day will never understand what it is like to experience a really good day. An energy of great power would not make your hands, feet, or back of your head tingle, nor would it cause your heart to skip a beat in awe. Your chest would never vibrate as a result of excitement. Your eyes will never be filled with tears of joy.

It is our energy that causes all of these things. Energy is literally a vortex. As Ester Hicks explains in her book, you can use the vortex to improve not only your own life but also your relationships. You feel empowered enough to assist others. You may become trapped in a dangerous, terrifying vortex, but you may also become the epicenter of positive energy that emanates from it. You are not the only one who feels happier, but other people, animals, and plants around you as well. As an example, people with the so-called "Green Thumb" are generally calm and positive.

During the course of reading the book, I felt happier and happier every day. Upon completing the book, I discovered that I felt completely different. After six months, I began walking. While I did not receive any answers or directions, I could feel how my vibrational energy changed as soon as I understood what being stuck really meant. Having a clear understanding of what my situation meant to me gave me the freedom to act. We should consider what messages we are sending. I made the mistake of feeling sorry for myself and feeling like a failure as a result of becoming immobile and dependent on others for feeding, cleaning, and comforting me. This vibrational imbalance caused me to feel very bad, and my healing process was nonexistent, as I felt weaker and weaker each day. Those were the circumstances that kept resurfacing in my mind. Vortex taught me that we should focus on the negative to determine what it is, and then do what feels right.

Taking a walk, cooking a meal, drawing something, petting your cat, reading a book, and increasing your vibrational energy will help you to feel better. At this point, the magic begins to unfold. Energized, you are ready to make a difference. No matter how small a success may appear, it should be celebrated.

Therefore, the book does not provide answers to your questions but rather explains what reality is and how to cope with it. As a result, you are placed in an alignment that allows you to navigate your life from the perspective of who you are and who you will become in the future. Let the ride begin.

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