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I believe that the human energy crisis is the #1 problem we face on the planet right now. The depletion of natural resources is another issue, which tired humans have no chance to stand up against.

Even the smartest and most successful people are kind of stressed out and wiped out. Technological change is accelerating at a rate far faster than we humans can keep up with. It is imperative that we adapt to the modern era as quickly as possible. That’s how evolution works. We adapt to the environment as it changes.

Many people are actually unable to adapt to the changes that are occurring and they manifest a variety of stress-related illnesses. The fact that stress causes the majority of diseases, viruses, and even some accidents, is well known to all.

As far as my own life was concerned, I had to step back and make self-care my number one priority. My life was chaotic and I never used to make plans for the weekend because I didn’t know what disaster was going to strike next.

In this regard, I was motivated to speak about the human energy crisis because I know from personal experience how pleasant I am when I am rested and my battery is full. Under low fuel conditions, I can be a bitchy ole thing. Keeping your energy up is essential to your mission and purpose.

Human energy fields react constantly to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our bodies. Almost all of us recognize and acknowledge the fact that energy drives our bodies. Energy pulses drive the heartbeat. The brain and nervous system communicate with our entire body through complex, energetic pathways, and despite the lack of scientific knowledge, there is evidence that energy healing can reverse anxiety, depression, various types of cancer, autoimmune diseases, thyroid disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, adrenal disorders and more. So, energy healing is a good place to start.

If you work in a field that involves providing some type of service for others, you must take care of yourself first.

A second aspect is getting a good night’s sleep and to distress your entire body before you go to bed. In the absence of this, you will carry that stress into your dream time. It will negatively affect your dream cycle, and you will wake up tired. The body smoothly goes through different brain waves like beta, theta, and delta over a period of 90 minutes, and each of those cycles, takes care of the body in different ways to heal itself, repair cells, and control the body’s energy use. You should keep that in mind when you want to take a nap during the day and aim for a 90-minute nap at least. You should also remember to calculate that time during your night rest as well. Aim for at least 4 - 90 minute cycles. There are 90 minutes of waves in each sleep cycle, and waking up during one of those cycles will make it difficult for you to wake up, as you’re during a sleep cycle. Sleep disruption messes up your day, and in order to get through it, you need these terrible energy drinks that damage your body. These drinks are particularly problematic for your nervous system. Because people don’t know that, companies like Starbucks have become incredibly popular, and there’s an hour wait each morning for the drive-through.

You might laugh, but the simplest way to release your body from stress is to connect with the earth with your bare feet at the end of each day. Putting them on the ground, sand, or grass for 30-45 minutes is incredibly powerful. At the bottom of your feet, there are over 1,400 nerve endings per square inch. As they are conductive, they act as an enormous battery charger that you plug yourself into. All the free radicals that we normally associate with DNA deterioration and aging are swapped out by that energy, and it recharges you, because we are... electrical beings.

As your energy level drops, your PH level drops and your body becomes acidic instead of alkaline. Your body pH should be approximately 7.4. Keep in mind that people who get cancer do so at a PH of 6 or lower. By maintaining your levels above 6, you create an inhospitable environment for cancer. Therefore, you cannot develop it. With a high PH level, your body can also hold a lot of oxygen, which is like gasoline for us


Several studies have been done on how grounding affects your body on a blood microscopy level. In case you live in an urban area with little access to grass, sand or simple earth, I recommend a book by Clinton Ober, called “Earthing” that talks about many ways and tools to ground yourself.

Additionally, it is important to understand where the stress originates.

Stress is a mental process. A thought leads to an emotion, and an emotion leads to a physical sensation. Hence the proverb, "Today’s mind creates tomorrow’s body."

As Budda said, most suffering is unnecessary, and that’s because it takes place inside our minds.

It is very dangerous for the rest of society to be in the same energy field as someone in this negative or low energy space. You can really mess someone up. Consider two balloons with poop smeared across one of them and then rubbing against each other. That’s why energy maintenance and its cleanliness are essential.

A simple pressure point massager is another great tool that most of us don’t give enough credit to. Over 5,000 years ago, acupressure was thought to originate in China, and finally western culture admitted that meridian points really do exist. Essentially, it’s based on the concept of Qi (chi), which translates literally to “breath”, but metaphorically to a life force or energetic flow in every living being. Stress tightens nodes and makes it difficult for energy to pass through.

A form of self-care is something we forget about because we need to take care of this, that, him, or her first, before we can carve out a few minutes for ourselves in our very busy schedules. Being able to take care of yourself will allow you to take care of others even better. Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to experience first-hand how self-love and acceptance truly feel.

Last but not least, we must understand our emotions. The fact that there is no academic system in the world that teaches us how to use our emotions instead of letting them ruin our lives is unbelievable to me. In addition, I think schools should teach us law too, so nobody else would be screwed by the corrupted system we have all experienced so many times, on so many levels.

In reality, learning about our emotional state is much more useful than trigonometry class in life. We should learn about feelings, what they are, why we have them, and how to understand other people’s feelings. Many of us have given up on things in life due to the painful emotions involved. Or, perhaps you have observed that if you feel passionate about something that you do, you are more likely to achieve your goals.

Managing our emotions in a healthy way is a pretty simple process. Three steps are involved: Locate -> Label -> Accept.

The first thing you do when experiencing a negative emotion is resist it. Those of you who follow my previous articles and books will probably remember how I explained emotions. E-motion, is nothing else but energy in motion. Energy and flow are the basis of the entire universe, yet we can’t let go of the negative emotion, but rather resist it. It's like, we like to hold on to our shit.

We are nothing more than a tube or vessel that carries energy, and when the tube becomes clogged, we get sick. Whether it’s your intestinal tube, heart tube, or meridian point. Likewise, emotions are meant to flow through you. Consider the example of a little child or a puppy playing. Whenever something doesn’t go their way, they start crying, but as soon as a positive distraction comes along, they don’t even remember what happened 5 minutes ago. How is it possible that we lose this ability? Did we learn something new that does not work? The second reason why this happens is that, as a child, you are expressive and emotional, but as an adult, you can’t behave like a child, so we hold on to these feelings and stop expressing them. How many times have we been scolded by our parents for crying or laughing at something humorous?

If so, what did we learn from the experience?

Don’t express or speak your truth for the sake of our parents’ ego. They wished to have a child who is quiet, well-spoken, and doesn’t express himself in public. Having a well-behaved child makes a mom look good in public. I remember once, when my puppy was very young, I was waiting in line to buy chipotle. A mom with two children was sitting at the table near us and one of the kids was fascinated by the puppy and said, “He looks like a pig!”. This is true because, unlike any other dog, his nose is pink. Although it isn’t something that makes him ugly, it makes him look like a chubby, cute piglet. It was an adorable comment, but the mom got really angry with the child and apologized to me about five times. Because I know that as an adult he will not have the ability to express his truth due to a blocked expression center, I felt bad for him. This will not prevent him from saying it; he will simply say it sideways... passively aggressively.

After you open up the center of expression and speak the truth, energy begins to flow properly.

Therefore, when you have a powerful emotion, the first thing you do is locate it in your body. Every emotion has a location. There is confusion in your head, sadness in your heart, or choking in your throat when you cannot say what you think, and when someone threatens you, you feel it in your gut. This is the download. Because you learned to resist emotions, you are the only one who does it to yourself.

It is critical to localize your emotions so that you can realize they aren’t bigger than you and that they won’t overflow you, even if it sometimes feels like we are overwhelmed by fear, anger, or anxiety.

Labeling the emotion is the next step. It’s normal to say, “Dude, I’m so pissed...” but if you look at it closely, you’ll see that emotion is actually a cocktail of different feelings. Maybe there’s some anger, sadness, and disappointment there too? Understanding those emotions gives you control. Emotions can’t be controlled because they are hard-wired into us, but you can control how you react to them. The heat can be turned up or down based on your thoughts and it is up to you how you will feel in 10 minutes. Once you label this emotion… question it, and you might find that you don’t have any proof or reason to feel this way, and even if you do, accept that emotion.

“This guy really pissed me off” - so next time you see him, avoid subjects that triggered your previous reaction or avoid the guy all together because nobody has business in fucking up your vibe.

You will never have to worry about your emotions again once you learn these 3 steps. You can join a class regarding emotional balance on my website if you need more help. Throughout "Overcome Your Biology", you will learn how to control your emotional reactions. Rather than being controlled by your emotions, you are able to show yourself that you do not have to be affected by situations, no matter what. Feeling at the mercy of your emotions is awful. Just like in other subjects, math, literature or anything else, you will only going to be as good as you got taught.

If your emotion is associated with a past memory, be aware that you are only experiencing it as a recorded memory.

The complexities of today’s world can be overwhelming, but I also know from first-hand experience that adopting these energy management principles can make a difference. Whether it is spending time alone or with the people I love, I carve out time for myself consciously and intentionally. Having knowledge and awareness of these principles allows me to improve my quality of life. Think about what you can do the next time you feel overwhelmed and consider how you can tackle this energy crisis and improve your life.

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