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Before my work as the head of HR and an executive emotional intelligence coach, I spent almost 20 years in the veterinary industry applying anesthesia to domestic and exotic animals. What a twisted career change, right? But wait, read on.... Understanding the animals' next moves without speaking words was critical to my safety at work. I’ve learned to be very observant and it became crystal clear why self-preservation is considered a basic instinct in most organisms - humans included. Most call it a "survival instinct". It is essentially the process of an organism preventing itself from being harmed or killed. Instincts are genetically hardwired behaviors that enhance our ability to cope with environmental problems. The veterinary industry is an emotional minefield, and I thought to myself... "I could do so much good if I only learned a few more things to enhance my natural ability to read people and animals." Everyone wants to be happy and successful in life. At times those two things seem contradictory, yet it is possible to build a harmonious whole between the two of them.

My life is enriched by showing up every day, communicating with people, being fully myself, channeling my gift, and getting paid for it. I can utilize my instincts and natural abilities that I have uncovered.

Each morning I think about what I have to do today… and it feels unbelievable.

How did this happen?

How did I get here?

Approximately a decade ago, I was in a state of abject misery. Having reached rock bottom, I have come back up with an incredible amount of strength and wisdom. I consider it to be the most important journey of my life. I did not arrive where I am by accident. My job is not something I do by accident but by design. Having fallen hard myself, I know firsthand what it is like and how to assist others in getting back up. The journey of each individual is unique, but in order to navigate it successfully, we need to ask ourselves what it is that we wish to accomplish.

I understood that one can only become truly accomplished at something one loves. Achieving great things isn't rocket science. It's just a matter of having the discipline to do the right things over and over. It’s not always easy, even though you surround yourself with people who want you to succeed. The only condition is that your success does not exceed theirs! Life is full of such instances. You may encounter it at work, at home, or even within the context of your relationships. The reason for this is that every member of any species strives to achieve the highest ranking and to be at the top of its class.

One thing, however, is often forgotten. As a society, we tend to overlook the importance of love, joy, harmony, and not to mention happiness. Happiness on Earth appears to be declining rapidly.

In our daily lives, we tend not to consider life as a gift - even though we should. Gratitude should be practiced and even the smallest accomplishments should be celebrated. It is a blessing that you do not have any physical pain today. It is a blessing that you are sleeping in a warm bed at night. No matter how your day went, be grateful for the air you breathe. If you are incapable of taking a deep breath, all other concerns become irrelevant. It is as simple as that.

Every one of us can find something we are proud of and teach others to be just as good as we are. Do not be afraid to assert your authority without fear of losing your position to someone else.

In my experience, I have learned that I can help people more effectively if I provide a safe and secure environment for them. It helps people to be open and vulnerable. This is the point at which an incredible potential is revealed. 
To be able to offer different avenues for people, I attended courses and classes to deepen my knowledge of emotional intelligence and behavioral neuroscience. At the same time, I am challenging my life and evolving from "OMG, I don't even know what I'm doing" to "I have something valuable to contribute". Some people may find this appropriate, while others may not. I am interested in working with individuals who are willing to invest their time, money, and energy into the advancement of their lives. I have committed myself to my endeavors in the same manner.

As a result of discovering my purpose, I have experienced a shift in confidence in my own life that I cannot even describe. My goal is to show you how to discover your purpose and how to drive it. There are times when we are forced to confront a few demons that have become deeply embedded in our consciousness. Nevertheless, if we are willing, we will always emerge victorious from this experience.

Doing what you love is imperative for achieving your financial goals and ensuring your financial security. It feels great. 
By putting your real gift into service for people and their needs, you can avoid tricky tactics and observe just how much you can accomplish. The possibilities are endless. It is my wish for you to tap into the love, beauty, and mastery. Find your voice at a high level of professionalism, and present that to the world. 
Your mind will be blown by what is possible.

Enjoy the ride.

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