Life Changes

I was looking for some cool abstract pictures for my computer wallpaper and I came across this picture!

Mesmerizing, this wonderful neurons process and bring to our attention everything we do, think, experience and feel... I guess I had this thought on my mind for a long time, and this image just brought it up to see the day light.

There is only one constant in this universe and that is Change! We tend to create stress in our lives when we are constantly looking for stability, defined as "no changes".. When we change, it actually activates the conflict sensors in the brain and this causes brain chaos that we call cognitive dissonance. The brain needs time to adjust, no matter the life event we’re going through. Whether it is something major like divorce, loss of a loved one, new job, new marriage or having a baby. We fail to recognize that we can definitely create stability again, however it looks different..

Life changes happen whether you want it or not. Feeling like you have no control over yourself or your life can lead to feelings of stagnation, depression, helplessness, and hopelessness. Just recognizing that change is inevitable can be a relief.

Our human nature is to complain.. right? How many times a day do we hear that?

That is definitely and indication that we need to make some changes. Find a meaning in your life. Spend some time trying to figure out your priories. What is important and why it is so important. Do you have dreams? Does anything make you happy? Why don't you grab your chance? What is stopping you??? And for fucks sake if anything is stopping you - eliminate that obstacle fast. You need a purpose and sense of direction in your life. Without this we just exist, we spend life wondering aimlessly. One of my favorite life quotes comes to mind right now. William Wallace once said "Every man dies, Not every man really lives"

Do you remember when we were a children? We use to live in a dreamland. We knew so much more then we know now. We knew what we want to do when we grow up, we believed that anything can be possible. And then we lost that ability growing up. Mostly because of failures. We stoped trying. And we don't realize that any failure is valuable life lesson.

Make a dream board. Something that you will look at every day. Seeing it everyday will help us to believe in it again. Make it real.

It will not happen over night. Set goals. They may change over time and its always good to have a "Plan B'" but don't give up. It might need to take many steps to create the momentum for change to happiness.

Don't wait for the best time, opportunity or someone to turn up at your door to make that change for you. It needs to start from you, TODAY!

Changing your life means to become a better person. Set goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. There are points in the day where everything may seem too much. When this happens, remember to breathe. Take ten minutes out of your day to sit with your hands on your belly and just breathe all the tension and changes out. Calm those neurons and remember that changing your life does not mean being perfect. Every day is a journey, and even the days that make you feel stuck and frustrated are still a part of the strive towards a better life.

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