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I am embarrassed!

I don't usually take any political stands and don't watch the news. Some news however gets to me no matter how hard I try to avoid it. We have had a lot of emotions in our country recently and I would like to comment on this topic. I do not like our situation and would like to express my objection to what is happening on our streets because it spreads to our homes as well. Families start arguing with each other as well. It is a matter of everything that happens around us, a matter of choice and freedom. The president alone and his children are insuring violence in this country. If we are in the middle of a pandemic and people are taking to the streets to shout out their dissatisfaction, then something is wrong. The fact that we do have protesters is the product of the situation. The state has led citizens to such extremes and there are a lot of angry people out there and these emotions must find their vent somewhere. It is difficult for me to sit at home and pretend that nothing is happening. A lot of us have not worked for eight, nine, or even ten months, and... no one seems to care about us. Generally, our situation is not happy and we can't powder it over anymore. What we see in the news gives me the impression that I was transferred by several centuries in time. For many years I have felt that the whole country is moving towards some abyss and we are all downcast. For almost a century we have been looking for other forms of intelligent life out there in space but for what? To find ourselves more things to fight with? Even if we find someone, will we do that to create new friendships? We can't even keep peace in our own backyard. So, thank god we have not found anyone yet because that would only add to our misery.

We constantly fight some kind of enemy. Pandemic, BLM, Trump supporters, Police, m13, skinheads, KKK we are constantly in a state of unofficial civil war.

Our life is short and wouldn't it be nice to spend it in peace in someplace nice? We actually do live in someplace nice!!! Look at earth from the far, it is absolutely an amazing, beautiful planet but we keep fucking it up all this time. Is there always gonna be war? Until we kill our own species?

Because there are those who's success actually depends on it. Our chiefs publicly relate to each other in an offensive manner, such as their supporters. Instead of being powerful and setting an example to other weaker countries, we ourselves cannot get along with each other, we cannot coexist and we want to eliminate other social groups. Politicians do not represent the interests of Americans, but the interests of narrow social groups and focus only on them. The whole society suffers from it, especially now with the pandemic and crisis, when people lose their jobs and live in constant fear, not knowing what will happen next, not knowing whether they will have a roof over their heads, whether they will have something to eat and whether they will survive. It is you, politicians, who give us such a ride without handlebars, and it is really poor! Focus on hospitals and health services. This energy that you lose in order to distort society, transfer it to noble deeds. Get to work. For the money that is spent on supporting political parties, we could all get free medical treatment. You have so much money from the budget and you cannot take care of the health service, and this is the basis of society. Maybe you want us all to live a very short time, just enough to vote for you. If that's the goal then it is understandable, but this is not how the state and society should look like.

We live in the 21st century and we have experience from previous periods that such behavior leads to disaster. Has history taught you nothing? After all, she is the teacher of life. Perhaps my post is a little naive and many people disagree with my opinion that it is all nonsense, and that I do not know anything about anything but I am pissed off by this politics and the hypocrisy of politicians and that we have to pay the price for to win some particular purpose of yours.

I would like to communicate this, especially to young people, as there may have to be some generational changes. You still have a few years to go before the next elections, maybe you will manage to re-evaluate the political system in this country. I don't know, maybe this is just my naive thinking but I have great hopes for you young people. Do not be manipulated, and this is hard because education is on a deteriorating level and soon you will not be able to count on it. May your children be brought up in a normal, civilized country. I would like this country to develop and we would be proud that we are American because at the moment I am ashamed to show my passport when I travel to other countries.

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