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Killer Diet

COVID-19 was the most talked about event in the history of the world. Whether we like it or not, we are all affected by the outbreak, and every individual throughout the world knows what Coronavirus is. Almost as we are experiencing the deadliest pandemic ever? The thing is... We Are Not!

Our society is facing far more serious pandemics, but we haven't been paying attention to them. In addition to COVID, the other pandemics are diabetes, heart disease, hypertension... All potentially more deadly than COVID itself, although they can be all prevented by changing our lifestyle.

Like a wildfire, those pandemics swept the globe. From being one of the lowest rates of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes just one generation ago, Asia has become one of the highest rates of those conditions. Africa alone is home to more deaths from heart and blood vessel disease than HIV anywhere in the world. Around the globe, those diseases are responsible for more deaths than all other causes combined.

Doctors have been using high-tech measures for the last 30+ years to prove that those conditions are not only preventable but also reversible with diet and lifestyle changes.

Studies have found that healthy living and diet can prevent and reverse even prostate cancer. The obesity epidemic has caused diabetes to increase by 70% in the past decade. This information was published by an American physician and researcher, Dr. Dean Ornish. Besides being the founder and president of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute, he is a clinical professor at the University of California in San Francisco. According to Dr. Ornish, if we do not make any changes, then our children may not live to retire. And that is pitiful and yet preventable.

I sometimes encounter those who cite modern science and technology as evidence that human evolution has halted, and as a species, we are devolving. As it stands, millions of individuals who would have died due to allergies, disease, birth defects, injuries, etc. are now surviving and reproducing. Consequently, their weaker genes are contaminating the human gene pool and natural selection has been defeated. Does that sound reasonable to you? My biology education has been limited, so I'm probably not qualified to respond to that argument, but I think it illustrates an oversimplified view of evolution. To suggest that humans no longer evolve is basically saying that humans are a special species that breaks all the rules of evolutionary biology. Thus, the role of humanity in evolution requires a significant revision in order to account for it.

How can we resolve this problem?

There is an insufficient number of resources to teach us how to eat more healthfully. In a 2012 survey, 50% of those surveyed said that doing taxes was easier than knowing how to eat healthier. There are a lot of misconceptions out there, including boring diets and unrealistic fitness goals.

Dieting doesn't have to be overwhelming. It is possible to eat healthier and still enjoy it.

Staying away from sugar is in all likelihood, the most difficult part of the diet. In addition to the obvious risks of Type 2 diabetes and obesity, sugary drinks can also cause liver damage, premature aging, and anxiety. Consider unsweetened beverages or infused water instead of packaged juices and sodas.

Rather than processed foods, choose whole foods. Rather than frozen pizza or ramen, opt for fruits and vegetables. You are most likely to eat the first food you see when you're hungry, so be sure to keep them out.

Go nuts for nuts as these superfoods pack a serious nutritional punch. Expand your horizons and consume healthier food by going through health magazines rather than through celebrity gossip. If you'd like to see delicious, healthy, and very easy recipes, I encourage you to watch the Cooking with the Coach YouTube channel.

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