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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

A couple of months ago, I've heard some news-talk about people in china dropping dead on the streets because of some virus. I have sympathized with them but went on with my life without thinking about it too much. But today, even if I wanted to, I can't escape the news. 7 billion people are talking about it all at once. Positive information rarely makes the news, and COVID-19 topped them all. No matter where you are, you just can't avoid its existence. Some people stay cool, some fear, some panic, some make memes out of it, others buying toilet paper in preparation for a real shit show. And what is astonishing to me, is that people all over the globe have the same reaction. It is a phenomenon worth a study, in my opinion. What it is about toilet paper? Why isn't it replaceable, and why is it one of the most essential possessions during crises. No matter the language, religion, race or geographic location?

This observation raises a question. If we all react a similar way, then why are humans so divided? Can’t you see people that we are one and the same species and in a stressful situation our reactions are equal? What does the color of the skin, gender, career choices or sexual preferences matter if we all are facing the same deadly disease? The only difference here is our mental state - not physical appearance or opinions. Perhaps this is the first lesson coronavirus is forcing us to learn.

. For past weeks the world's behavior is driven by sudden uncontrollable fear, People are acting irrationally, doing and saying absurd things. Not even politicians are safe from it, repeating nonsense like "We will have vaccine before the election" for example... Without any knowledge of the process itself. If it was that easy we would have a vaccine for AIDS literally a century ago. We will not have the vaccine any time soon, period. And clearly nobody was prepared for COVID-19. It hit us like a brick with strength far above human capability. How do we cope with it and how can we protect ourselves from it, and most importantly, how do we learn from it. Here is my two cents.

I am not a global crisis expert, not even close. I am a simple life coach, and my favorite thing to share with my clients is the concept of a beautiful disaster, of which I am personally a living example. Our reality can be suddenly disrupted in the most brutal and unexpected way, and it is out of our control to do anything about it A beautiful disaster is a challenge that we often face, that over a period of time resulting in a blessing in disguise. If you look at those challenges closely, most have some opportunities hidden in them.

COVID-19 has been actively taking the lives of our loved once, not to mention the economical losses we have been facing. But maybe is came here to teach us another lesson. We can't of course, prevent another outbreak, but we are all aware of the fact that each year viruses become stronger and the respiratory viruses are especially difficult to control. Is it not the question of "if" it happens again but "when"? The next virus whatever it will be is going to be even harder on us, and coronavirus might seem like foreplay.

We need to come up with a plan to protect ourselves for crises like this in the future.

I truly hope that it will become one of the important topics on the next annual G20 summit.

My daughter asked me today how long will the virus last? I didn't know. It's been out there since November. The right answer, however, would be the amount of time the virus actually lasts, and that is 2 to 14 days. A virus cannot function or reproduce outside a cell, thereby being totally dependent on a host cell in order to survive. Some viruses can however, survive outside of the host. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that COVID-19 could be viable for “hours to days". To kill the virus we would have to prevent the spreading all together on a global scale. My thoughts are a bit abstract at the moment, but why isn't it possible to quarantine the whole world for 14 days? Maybe I am talking shit here and global shut down is virtually impossible but since one whole country could do it, then why can't the rest of the world???

Someone here may say that we should prepare ourselves for such occasions ourselves and always have extra supplies for the darkest times. For the past weeks, the situation at our grocery stores is giving us a glimpse of how we managing it on our own. There are those who buy a year supply, leaving others to potentially die of starvation. Especially in the US people like to live in large homes with lots of extra space to store necessary things to survive for two weeks. But this isn't the case of the rest of the world. In a lot of areas, people share already small spaces with the rest of the family members. New York and Tokyo are known for tiny flats where storage is almost impossible. You already have to keep your feet in the shower when you sitting on the toilet, there is absolutely no space for more than 2-3 TP rolls. It is necessary for us to come up with a different solution. I think that the distribution of essential supplies is critical here. Going to grocery stores is still a risk, especially for the workers there. We pride ourselves in the technology available today, it’s easier to find tasks that it actually can not do. Take the use of drones for example. Whether military or commercial, the applications are similar in nature. As technology progresses, the types of drones available will be endless. One of the purposes should be the distribution of essential supplies right to our door, perhaps controlled by an app, which also could have an SOS function for those who need immediate medical care. By essential supplies I mean food, medications and drinking water to areas where it is not accessible. Clearly, nobody can order the filet mignon, but rice, flour, pasta, cans, bread should be available. WIC food list kinda thing. We can do this. Instead of panic and fear, instead of empty shelves in the stores, let there be light at the end of the tunnel. And it won't be a train. If we all stand united, we can beat this virus.

Any thoughts?

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