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Life Upgraded

In this article, you will discover how to easily hack into two very different systems to alter the way your life evolves. Your success in life is influenced by two factors - your reality and your system of living.


We tend to see the world from the frames of models or assumptions to which we adhere...

What we believe to be true about the world is our personal perspective. Those beliefs are very individual because all of us grew up with exclusive experiences, values, and in a unique environment. This, above all, is a reason why we should never undermine opinions of other people, even though we find them utterly absurd. Throughout our lives, we continue to mimic the model of the world we created as children. Commonly people get measured by their financial standing, academic achievements, who they associate with, and what school they attended. It is believed these elements go a long way to determine your future success and life satisfaction. Since our world views are so ingrained in us, we rarely question them as we age and it is the only reality we know. Most of those views were taught to us by others, including our parents, teachers, religious leaders, politicians, or through socially irresponsible social media. We follow beliefs that have stayed the same for thousands of years and have been handed down for generations without any improvement. Therefore, the chances to create new experiences in life are limited, and rightfully so, as children require some guidance growing up. However, as a result, even as adults, we still don't perceive ourselves as independent or creative enough and often follow others rather than forge our own path. From my experience, I know you will gain an enormous amount of personal power once you relinquish your previous beliefs for things that work better for you. When you do, you will live a happier and healthier life.

System of living:

Living system theory is about how we maintain ourselves and how we change in order to develop. Your daily routine makes up your living system. It matters how and what you eat, drink, how you treat your partner, commute to work, and earn money. Most of our ways have also undergone no upgrades. Often, we get into the habit of doing unhealthy or unhappy things even though the change is easy to apply. We are all aware of the differences between healthy and sick, working and unemployed, happy and sad, however, we are too exhausted and stressed to make necessary adjustments. Many of us tend to get caught up in spreadsheets and deadlines and lose sight of what's really important in life. We set unrealistic goals and get discouraged even before starting our journey. Often, we set unrealistic goals and get discouraged right from the start, forgetting that it's not about the goal that's important, but the journey itself makes us grow as individuals.

Where does one start to upgrade your life? What does one search for? The simple answer is in taking baby steps. It might seem cynical to some, but it works when you strive for a small margin of improvement in everything you do. Look into your habits and try to eliminate those that do you more harm than good. An individual's habits are a double-edged sword. Good habits will build you up as faster as bad habits can cut you down, which is why understanding the details is crucial. Design your habits and beliefs to suit your liking, so that you can steer clear of the dangerous half of the blade.

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