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Party In My Bed

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

In general, we don't realize how much our health is dependent on our diet. Right after our energy, the diet is the second most important element in determining who we are. It can make us healthier and it can make us sicker and most importantly it can entirely change our shape.

Today as I was writing a chapter about healthy eating habits, I stopped for a moment to search my brain for the best possible formulation of my thought. At times only a single detail can give you inspiration. Sometimes even something insignificant like the sunlight shining through your window leaving an abstract shadow on your wall.

Before I say anything else, I have to mention here I typically write in my bedroom. I kinda half sit-lay on my bed with my computer resting on my lap and write. As I glanced around my room I suddenly wished I had a sink in my room and started laughing. There are dishes everywhere. Three plates with forks or spoons in them, two teacups and my hydro flask, on the bed two other plates with one spoon. Of course, I don't have to tell you about the crumbs around me because you can already imagine on your own.

Holy shit... One could think that I just had a party in here!

The reason why it was funny to me because even though I always brag about how happy I am, I act like someone sitting on their bed thinking that the world has been against me for so long that I've become numb to it... All I need is a hoodie and phone in my hand looking at depression memes and listening to Alice in Chains or Evanescence. Or just a depressed, single person writing memoirs, instead of inspiration books. And that to be exact, a woman. This is quite funny, and I am laughing out loud at myself and the sight of my room. Only we girls eat in bed when we're sad. Sad guys have a bunch of empty alcohol bottles around their beds. They don't think about food. They want to numb their thinking, alcohol numbs your neocortex so you kinda stop thinking, or rather thinking rationally. But unfortunately, it doesn't numb the part of the brain that is responsible for our emotions. When we drink, emotions become more powerful. That's why a lot of drunk people cry. If they are sober their rational thinking doesn't allow them for that luxury. In the meantime when our emotions have a stronger impact on us, and our rational thinking gets temporarily turned off, we also say stupid things. Just be aware of this. Drinking won't help you but may make you suffer, even more, and the only helpful fact here is that when you go to bed drunk, your brain thinking powers are shut down, and you fall asleep faster in a deeper, dreamless rest. That's because the voices in your head have the night off. There always is a choice though. Would you rather stay fully conscious and aware that you need to keep your shit together, with 100 different things going through your mind a minute or utterly stop thinking? However, the chances of finding yourself sitting on the floor of your shower crying are pretty high. There is a price for everything.

Now girls, on the other hand, prefer to overthink everything. So for that, we need to stay perfectly focused, and for that reason, we don't drink. We dedicate ourselves to comfort food. It is a natural instinct for us to give our brains comfort foods contain a lot of fatty acids, it causes them to have a chemical reaction following digestion. There are findings suggesting that the stomach may release hormones to influence the brain to feel content and less sad. When we eat, a complex process involving the brain means these neurochemicals trigger feelings of happiness. That's why we girls are in a lot of bigger trouble.

Tryptophan, an amino acid present in small quantities in chocolate alone, is linked to the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that produces pleasant feelings and reducing tension. Palatable foods activate the same brain regions of reward and pleasure that are active in drug addiction. Studies of obese individuals show that brain areas associated with drug reward are activated by anticipation and receipt of highly palatable foods. So for an obese person, the first step to losing weight and improving health needs to start in their head. Once that person accepts him or herself the way they are, they would be able to gain more confidence which is critical for one to believe in himself. As soon as they learn they can do just about anything, any diet will be the next miracle diet, and someone could claim ownership to it, and announce as a new proof that it is the best diet in the world. Let's face it, we have a problem in the USA because we are one of the most stressed countries in the world. Our happiness level is not impressive. Living all over the world I must say that I never have seen so many single people as I see in the USA. So, we comfort ourselves. Who can blame us?

Comfort food often is associated with other people. "My grandmother used to do this" kind of thought. And at the time when we ate that food made by her, we were younger, happier, healthier. Now we're sad, older, and alone. Because comfort food brings back memories of members of our family, social gatherings, and people taking care of us. Thanksgivings, holidays, birthdays with family and people who love us. When we feel lonely, we crave these foods to give us comfort and security. That is, comfort food's power may lie primarily in the associations it calls to mind, memories of secure attachment. Questioning the reasons would be of service here, and of moments like that happen to us often, as well man and woman. Then perhaps our lives are due for a summary, pro, and cons and if changes are necessary for some areas, don't wait long to make them.

As for me, I think I am still happy but got a bit lazy lately and instead of using a desk, I find half laying in bed more comfortable. Why, because I can, and I do whatever the hell I want, and if I want to sleep in a clean bed, I will get rid of the crumbs and change my bedsheets. For now, writing makes me happier and if I get hungry I go get something to eat and take a bite in between my written thoughts. As long as it's a healthy snack. I will be just fine. All those of you who are artists, musicians, or writers understand precisely what am I referring too.

Once you have something to say, you need to continue. ;)

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