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Powerful Connections

There are countless guides and books to being successful. Yet, achievement is unique to each individual and cannot be fully realized by copying the author's approach.

The great Renaissance Artist - Michelangelo Buonarotti once stated:

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

As influential as Michaelangelo is, only very few artists can match him. People still find inspiration and connect with his work even though it’s been centuries after he died. Think of the statue of David or his mural in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City, and how did he get that gig in the first place. Consider what would’ve happened if she was not so determined and settled for something easier to pull off. I doubt that we would have heard of him.

Making it to the top has always been a challenge, and achieving success on your own equals a miracle. It is vital for us to become confident in building a network of people who can support us where we wish to be and establish partnerships that are not based on just one way gain. Success can be defined in many ways, but it is mostly determined by how well you can communicate with others. In the same way, this formula applies to both personal and professional developments. Networking with influential people requires distinction. There is no doubt that many of us know how to make that distinction, but many of us do it the wrong way.

The process basically entails waling into a large room filled with people and searching for those individuals we are interested in. Your list contains all the things that might potentially make you successful and you need someone has access to them all. Your next step is to ask them for that information. According to some research, 89% of networking takes place without consent. According to Thomas Raybeck, the lead researcher of the study and a sociology professor, details vary of course, but victims usually describe how chit-chat escalates to scary details about skill-sets and career paths. Our lives have all been filled with similar experiences when we have found ourselves caught up in a conversation that we couldn’t escape. There was either a salesperson or someone who wanted more than just money from us. You can avoid this horrifying situation by having your keys out when walking to your car so you can quickly leave a networker before he asks a “quick” question. Pepper spray or mace can also temporarily disable networkers so you have time to flee or knock the portfolio from his grasp, and always proceed with purpose. All of these examples illustrate the wrong kind of networking. By networking properly, it does not mean taking from people, but giving without any expectation of receiving anything in return. Period.

Perhaps you are wondering what you can give to someone who is very influential and probably already has everything he needs.

Nonetheless, you have two powerful things to offer.

Advice and other connections.

You don’t have to crouch down in front of influential people like creatures who walk on water when you have these powerful things to offer. That is about the worst attitude you can have if you want to succeed. These people are human beings just like you and face the same problems we do. There is a possibility that those problems are even the same problems that you have because people have tree issues. Relationships, funds, and health. While there are different types of dilemmas, the three major types are those with which everyone struggles, and no one has all of them handled the way they would like. The health or relationships of even the most financially secure individuals can be a mess. Or, they have one of those areas covered, but not all of them. Another area people might struggle with is spirituality. As a reference here, I am not advocating anything religious, but rather accepting the world for what it is. There is a good chance that you also have something to offer in any of the areas that aren’t fully handled by other people. I, for example, have written books and can offer advice on how to get started, as I was once one of those people who wanted to write one but never knew where to begin until that one day when I started writing. The majority of people would like to write a book because it is natural for everyone to have an opinion that they have a desire to share with others. My experience as an emotional intelligence specialist and executive coach also provides me with an advantage that can be utilized to help others. I think that my biggest strength is probably my empathy, spirituality and perspective on the world.

Connecting with others on a personal level requires some level of practice and well developed emotional wisdom. As an example, if you talk to a famous musician and tell him or her how much you love their music and how amazing it must be, they probably already know that and don’t need your advice, since they are already successful in that field. Perhaps you have been happily married for a long time and that makes you an expert on relationships. Consider how you can use your expertise to help others succeed without charging for it. Perhaps you know how to set up a great social media account, how to lose weight, or have another great secret you can share with others. Offering your help can lead to a sale because those very powerful, influential people know other people who could also benefit from what you have to offer. During networking, the most important thing is not to try to sell. You need to make a distinction of whether you want to sell something or connecting with that person and make a lasting relationship. We probably all know that trying to get money out of people is the worst recipe for making a connection with someone. You have to decide if you want that person to belong to your circle and if so, then instead of offering something to sell, you need to offer a service to them and be of service.

Putting this approach into practice can potentially increase your success in everything from relationships, business and wealth to helping you achieve anything you desire in life.

What you might have noticed is that the key to achieving success, in whatever you wish, comes down to the way you approach it mentally.

Chit chat example: Who are you? What you doing? What is your business, how did you get into it? What is the most exciting thing about your work that you wake up to each morning?

If there are problems; If you could fix that one thing, what would it take to go to the next level? Offer your help! Do you have a card? Let’s connect!!!

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