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Proper Education

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." ~ Aristotle

A number of factors indicate the need for meaningful change in education. New research on how the brain works and how people learn is driving change around the world. To become capable individuals, learners must develop more than just knowledge. They must also develop the skills, attitudes, and values which will help them succeed.

Especially in the formative years, education plays a very important role. Unfortunately, today’s children are susceptible to morally deficient and wrong influences.

So, what is the proper education? Who can teach you how to be a better partner, parent, or how to take care of your body so that you live a healthier, happier life? Where do you learn how to be more productive at work, or how to expand your mental and intuitive abilities? And as a parent, is it fair to mold your children to think the way you do?

The problem is that many parents believe so.

Raising kids is not about teaching them to think like you do. It is about keeping them safe and teaching them to think for themselves because they come from a different generation. I grew up playing with mud and sticks, whereas my kids grew up with smartphones. Their brains simply don’t process information the same way.

A parent or guardian needs to observe a child. You may not be aware of your child’s natural talents until later, but as soon as you do, encourage and nurture them. Identify what your child is naturally good at and encourage them to explore and develop those skills. To promote their interests, you can educate them, give them formal training or even enroll them in an overseas university course.

As an example, if your child is good at analysing situations or objects, he/she can take on problem-solving roles or engineering. Get in touch with a counselor to learn more about their interests.

Sadly, many parents these days are constantly glued to their phones or computers. In fairness, we’ve all done this on more than one occasion. However, kids need face-to-face interaction with their parents. Talking with your child about his or her interests and challenges will keep them engaged in their relationship with you and with themselves. It is crucial to have an open dialogue with your child in order to better understand what they are passionate about and how they can make a living from it. By asking where your child is, you might discover a path they are not aware of.

‘Street Smart’ is a term you’ll be familiar with as a parent. That’s a very useful skill to have today. A person will learn life lasting skills like networking, gauging the audience, enhancing their speaking skills, and a few more that help them develop into a dignified person. These qualities of entrepreneurship and leadership will encourage your child to pursue their passions as a career.

Motivating your child to pursue passion can be achieved by imbuing leadership qualities, ever-learning abilities, and inspirational qualities in them from an early age. Supporting your child in developing this mindset is vital as a parent.

Parents make the biggest mistake of indoctrinating their children with their beliefs. The beliefs you hold as a Christian or Democrat should not be passed on to your children. Instead, let them develop their own beliefs. There should be a choice for children whether they want to believe in God, the Tooth Fairy, or Santa Claus. Each child has the right to form their own vision of the world depending on the time and society they grow up in. The best parents aim to inspire their children.

Everyone should know the difference between living from intention and living from inspiration.

Most people set goals based solely on their intentions: “I want this,” “I want to be this person”, and “I want to accomplish that in life.”...

Though living from inspiration is an idea that there is a purpose we are meant to accomplish. An impulse or a hint that inspires us to do something extraordinary. Inspiration leads to intention, which becomes your goal. Another way to say this is that the goal doesn’t come from you, but it comes through you. Celebrating life is the essence of living in inspiration and it is crucial for us to share this knowledge with our next generation.

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