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Shuttered Dreams?

What were you dreaming about as a child?
What did you want to be when you grew up? A brilliant scientist? An astronaut? What about an Olympic medalist or a billionaire with a mansion on every continent?

Where did these dreams go?

I tell you what happened…

You grew up and faced the reality of life. Teachers and parents told you to stop daydreaming. It was decided for you what your goals should be. You had to get an education, a job, a mortgage, and your dreams began to fade away. 

But what if... there was an alternative universe where your dreams came true? According to Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking, there may be alternative universes. Let's say there's a universe where you're everything you've ever wanted to be. Imagine you could connect with an alternate version of yourself by tapping into these universes. Imagine talking to that different you and getting advice on how to achieve what you have always wanted. It would be awesome if you could find your dream partner, even if you never had much luck with love before. Is that even possible?

Being a highly sensitive and emotional individual, I have paid a price for allowing emotions to control my life. Consequently, for my own protection, I chose to investigate emotions, which led me to explore the secrets of quantum mechanics, NLP, behavioral neuroscience, and the deeper I delve into a subject, the stronger the connection I find between them. In light of what I have learned about the human mind, I have concluded that mind power is one of the strongest and most valuable powers we possess. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to the concept of quantum jumping. It is a unique method of mental visualization. During the process, you visualize yourself in an alternate universe by following a step-by-step procedure. When you gain skills and knowledge from a different version of yourself, you are able to bring the rhythm of that alternate self with you. As a result, you will be able to earn more money, have a more successful career, learn new skills, as well as improve your health and relationships. You may even be able to fulfill your childhood dreams. Quantum jumping is the key to unlocking unlimited potential.

Our minds can be expanded by using our imaginations. A number of reasons can be attributed to the ability to pretend to do something without sending it through your muscles. Our imagination plays a significant role in the development of our plans. We can use it to figure out what would happen if a certain sequence of actions were taken. You can see what would happen if you chose one or the other direction. That's really handy since our imagination doesn't have any consequences. Our brain uses it to plan actions and predict outcomes. When we imagine, we can learn skills without having to worry about the consequences of our mistakes. In order to learn how to fly an airplane, for example, it is likely that you will first use a simulator. The use of simulators is similar to the use of imagination.

Therefore, imagination serves a very significant function, and daydreaming isn't a waste of time... 

If you expand your possibility filter, which is the subconscious block in your mind that prevents you from being more than you are, you will be able to achieve greater things. 

If you have difficulty rising above your circumstances; if you are unable to increase your monthly income; if you would like to travel to exotic locations and meet extraordinary people... Quantum jumping fosters intuition and creativity and shifts reality into process. You make quantum jumping what you want it to be, and most importantly... it works.

The following tips will assist you in achieving your goals:

  • Change the way you consume media. Whatever we watch and listen to will affect our subconscious. Listen to positive music, watch uplifting shows, and read positive books. It's a great idea to listen to hypnotic or affirming programs while you sleep.

  • Use affirmations. If you just repeat affirmations, you'll only get limited benefits; you've got to feel them, and imagine every detail. How does it taste, feel, smell, etc...

  • Collect affirmations. Write down anything that resonates with you.

  • Keep an eye out for trapped emotions. Our organs, tissues, skin, and muscles store emotional information in "packages." They stay in our body parts until we can release them. Negative emotions in particular have a long-lasting effect on the body.

  • Be positive and grateful and hold on to that mindset.

  • Forgive

  • Pay attention to your intuition. We all have a part of us that knows what's going on and what's coming - it's our intuition. Intuition is more than just a little hunch. It’s something that can guide us to an incredible place in the future. Intuition works at that quantum level and is definitely influenced by energy and relationships.

  • Fast. During fasting, the body activates an enzyme called autophagy, which assists in repairing cells, resting the digestive system, and maintaining a smooth functioning system.

  • Sleep. Our bodies' rhythms repeat every 90 minutes, and sleep is no different.

  • Apply color healing. It's a brilliant technique you can do anywhere. Basically, you meditate by focusing on a color with some health benefits.

  • Pay attention to your body. How would you describe your energy cycle? When are you at your best? In order to make your life more productive, what do you need to do? What are the effects of stress, tension, and fear on your body?

  • Love yourself. When you meditate, tell your body that you love every single part, bones, cells, and all.

  • Laugh. Laughter is one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy body.

  • Put Qigong to use. Qigong training has many physical and health dimensions.

  • Respect the law of flow. Money that's held in - won't come back. The same works with kindness, help…

  • Focus on what you already have and be grateful.

  • Consider using nootropics. It is a class of substances designed to enhance mental performance with a minimum of side effects. Lots of foods contain lots of nootropics.

  • Release. We get stuck in a reality because of unpleasant thoughts, painful memories, and grudges.

  • Learn a new language. Syntax and linguistics define our reality in a lot of ways.

  • Move from a duplicate of yourself to a complete fulfillment of that reality.

Finally, consider what question you should ask the other you from the alternative universe.

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