Start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Self love can be very tricky. Most people confuse it. Self-love is not narcissism, arrogance, or selfishness. Not that long ago, one might have thought of self-love as a tendency toward self-absorption or a counterproductive pre-occupation with the self. It is grounded in the ego, which is not where we experience love and compassion. Narcissism and arrogance are used as defense mechanisms to hide insecurity.

None of these things are a reflection of self-love. On the contrary, love has nothing to do with them, because they do not come from the heart, and are designed to protect us from connection to others.

Self-love isn’t selfish or self-centered. It acknowledges your basic worth but also requires that you take care of that worth by actively nurturing yourself through loving behavior. Self-love is the foundation for being loving and attracting love. It is accepting yourself, Think about people you love. What do you offer to them. How do you feel about them.. What do you give them. Do you offer the same to yourself?

With this article I would like to present to you ideas on how you can start treating yourself with love and respect that you deserve.

1. Life is too short to start your morning with broken pieces of yesterday. Early rises reap many benefits. Smile, If you have troubles getting yourself to do it. force yourself. Do a stretching or exercising routine. Physical activity stimulates the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These brain chemicals play an important part in regulating your mood.... Raising your levels of serotonin boosts your mood and overall sense of well-being.

2. Make sure that at some point during the day you dedicate the time just for you. Make and do things that make you happy. We all have this built in battery that we need to recharge on daily basis.

3. Like your body needs exercise, your mind needs affirmations. They help eliminate negative beliefs and transforms your comfort zone from a limited one keeping you trapped in mediocrity to a more expanded one where anything is possible. It helps to replace your “I cant’s” with “I cans,” and your fears and doubts with confidence and certainty.

4. There is only one lesson to learn in this life. YOU are absolutely the most important person in this universe. You might just be another person when it comes to the grand scheme of things, but when it comes to your understanding of reality, you are the only thing that matters. And that reality depends on how much you love, respect and take care of yourself. The less you love yourself, listen to yourself, and understand yourself, the more confused, angry, and frustrating your reality will be.

5. We all have a dark side, we all hold anguish, hatred, and pain. Ignoring these realities eats us up, and forces us to cave-in spiritually and mentally. Allow yourself to be honest with who you are. Forgive yourself for your past. Forgive the once that made you angry. After all if it wasn't for those people, you wound't be the strong individual you are today. Accept the pain. Pain is a part of life. It reminds you that you are still alive.

6. Accepting your flaws and your faults is one thing, but loving a person who can have your thoughts, your emotions, your vices, and your mistakes? That’s a completely higher level of self-love. Take the skeletons out of your closet and try to remember why they are there in the first place. Perhaps the most important thing you will discover is that most parts of our personality have a cause, and those that don’t can be learned away.

7. If you want to be proud of yourself and who you are, take action when you say you’ll take action. How do you feel when someone says they’ll do something and then they don’t? They lose credibility. So build your own credibility with yourself. Live with integrity.

Every time you take action and achieve something, you build confidence in yourself. After all, life is about taking action, engaging in new experiences and achieving goals. And these goals don’t have to be big. The smaller ones are perhaps more important. If you say you’re going to clean the house, do it! It’ll make you happy.

Life is too short to spend it trying to make other people happy and neglecting yourself in the process. Once you've come to the realization that no one is going to take care of you quite like you can, loving and appreciating yourself becomes crucial to a truly happy existence. So keep calm and love on.

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