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The Beautiful Destruction

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The inspiration for this blog came from the events of the last few days.

After I moved out of my mothers' house, she got a little sphynx kitten that has given her life another meaning. She loved him more then words could ever describe. Since the life span of an animal is a lot shorter than a human, I have always feard for her mental state after his passing. Mom took amazing care of him and it reflected on his health and his athletic figure. But since nobody can fool our mother nature, the day that we were so scared of unfortunately came. On February 13, 2020, his little heart took the last beat. It was sudden, with no warning, just like his personality. How can one tiny animal contain so much personality and leave such emptiness behind? Nobody ever could predict what Ramzes will be doing next. The little quirks that made him unique and irreplaceable. He was a hooligan, he was unpredictable, he was loving, he was incredibly smart. I will never look at his favorite tomatoes the same way. He would dig into the grocery bags looking for them and if they were not there, he would give you a look. "WTF, where are the tomatoes?" He wound not just open the cabinets to explore them, but he would even shut the doors behind him with an attitude. He would run and slide on wet cleaned floors. He would throw his toys in the toilet, just to fish them out. Why? Who knows, it was Ramzes... After my divorce, my physical and mental health were declining and I was staying with my mom. That little cat would comfort me when I was sick and whenever I cried out in pain he would run as fast as he could to check on me. He didn’t love everyone but those whom he gifted with love will never forget that. Today, his favorite spot where he loved to sleep is empty, and my beautiful mother's heart is shattered in a million pieces.

No matter if four or two-legged, if you love someone it is the hardest thing to look into your future with a smile after such loss. The grief is real. How can one survive?

Perhaps the answer here is in our consciousness. The highest level of consciousness allows you to realize that the entire world is more about energy then it is physical. The physical state is rather an illusion.

Quantum physicists are discovering facts about the world that we would never have thought to be possible. The problem? Many of us simply do not understand quantum physics. This all began roughly a hundred years ago when physicists began challenging the assumption that the physical space and universe that we see around us is actually “real”.

We think of the atom as an organized group of electrons and protons zooming around a neutron, but this figure is completely wrong. The particles that make up the atoms have no structure or size, no weight or physical presence. They have no height, length, width, or weight, and are nothing more than events in time. They have zero dimensions. Electrons also do not have a singular presence—they are both a particle and a wave simultaneously, depending on how they are observed. They are never in a single location at a single moment and instead exist in several moments at the same time. Scientists also discovered what is known as the “superposition”, in which several particles aside from electrons can be proven to exist in multiple places at a single moment.

What does all this mean?

It means that the more we discover about the subatomic world, the more we discover that we know nothing about the true nature of reality at all. This may be difficult to understand. As reality is nothing more than energy (what gives us physicality if the smallest parts of us have no physical characteristics?), then the energy is conscious when consciousness is observing it.

However understanding quantum physics doesn't really help us heal faster from the loss of someone dear to us. There is another concept that might, and I am a living example of it. If our life is on the wrong path, we are in the wrong place, we're doing things we simply should not be doing, or even we love the wrong people, we need to be prepared that at some point our world will be disrupted in the most brutal way. We can go through very hard events that prevent us to see that it is actually the Universe coming to our rescue. Beautiful destruction is actually the Universe, recognizing your life so you can reach the next level of your potential. Once you understand this concept, you will become immune to the suffering, failure and it helps you to gain better control of your life in every dimension. If you let your intuition guide you to your intention, with the help of the Universe you are blessed with incredible luck. Life truly becomes magical and your consciousness elevates to a mystical level.

I never thought I will be single. I have been in love with my husband from the moment I have seen him. And even though I have been the one filing for a divorce, I probably suffered more than him and it took me years to heal. I have failed in everything I have tried to. And then one day it all made sense to me. I needed that destruction in order to grow and become who I am today. I was weak, sad, depressed, my life was in a state of abject misery, and to be honest, my ex-husband doesn't know me any different. I was in love with the wrong person, or with the right person but at the wrong time.

We never see tragedies as a positive concept, but as time goes by, only then we can connect the dots and see that it had to happen in order for us to make changes in our life. If you lose someone, take your time to grief, keep them in your memory and cherish it like the biggest treasure. What you need to do next is to buckle up, because it means that something good is going to happen next. It is up to you how you take it.

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