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The Miracle of Life

Imagine yourself in a race with 500 million people. Knowing that there could only be one winner and everyone wants to win the prize can be quite intimidating. In reality, we are unaware that we have already competed in such a race against 500 million… sperm. Only one has made it to the egg, and that is... YOU! It is in our nature to possess this force, but we often neglect it as we proceed through life.

The most interesting thing I have noticed is that when I ask people what their biggest priorities are, health rarely makes the list. Faith, family, and work are at the top of the list. Some people think about golf, their cars, their dogs, etc. Most people do not put much importance on their health.

We don't give enough credit to our bodies. The body is a miracle that has the ability to heal itself. Healing occurs from the inside out, not from the outside in. There is a self-healing process for every disease out there, but it does not always take place.

In the US, we don't really have a healthcare system and whatever there is, it's broken and doesn't work. The only time we use the American healthcare system is when we already have symptoms. Our problems start when we neglect our bodies to the point where they are way past the self-healing process. Our body starts calling for help if we don't take care of it.

A few years back, Harvard University conducted a study that found 50% of personal bankruptcy cases were due to health reasons.

Healthcare in America cannot be relied on, but we don't realize no one can take care of your health as well as you can. There is also a statistic that 80% of long-term illnesses are caused by lifestyle choices.

The focus of medicine is shifting more toward prevention rather than treatment. This is because preventing an illness is a lot cheaper than treatment.

Medical researchers are also talking more about neuroplasticity, or the brain's ability to adapt, change, and modify its structure throughout life and based on experience. In other words, it alters the way we view ourselves in the first place. Meditation was thought to be extremely effective for many years but not many people believe in it. Nowadays, there’s actually a science to support the idea that if one visualizes something, they create new pathways in their brain, which can be seen on a brain scan. For example, when you learn how to play a musical instrument, your scan will also reveal new neurons and synapses. So, it is possible to rewire your brain into a much healthier way of being.

Here's a simple system that can help you heal from within.

  1. It is said that you become what you eat. Pay attention to your nutrition.

  2. Movement and exercise. According to research, exercise is the most effective anti-aging formula. It lowers blood pressure, increases circulation, and improves the body's ability to process information.

  3. The use of aromatherapy, massage, and acupuncture can also stimulate your body to heal itself.

  4. Your emotional level is determined by your mindset. The way you think is what makes the difference. Forgiveness, gratitude, and love are the three emotions that will keep your mindset healthy.

  5. Last but not least is spiritual healing. Meditation, connecting with others, and having a purpose bigger than yourself are all excellent tools. Maintain high levels of spiritual hygiene. Your compulsion to survive should not outweigh your compassion for serving.

Through practice, you will be able to live by this system much more effectively. It will allow you to unleash the true miracle of life that can heal your body if you give it the right conditions.

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