The Powerful Past

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

There is a difference between living in the past and reminiscing about it, living it is not a healthy way of existence. The past robs you out of opportunities to enjoy the present. If you are currently not happy, going back to your past will not solve todays issues.

As time goes by, your fear escalates and you start to question: “What if the best days are behind me?”

Another way is to change your way of thinking and accept the past as your best teacher. It can help you grow and make your future stronger.

Our past is powerful. Everything you have experienced up to this moment brings value to who you are today. Think about humanity, our history, scripts, art, ancient civilizations and beautiful monuments. Realize that who we are today is because of the legacy that our ancestors have left behind.

Your past has made you who you are today, Embrace it. Your journey has brought you to this moment and to the people you are surround with. If you are not happy, look into your past to search for your mistakes and learn from it. In case you don’t give yourself enough credit, reach into your past again and reflect on the last 5-10 years to see where you find yourself in the present. See what you have gained and how many challenges you have overcome. Embrace the good and the bad experiences because they all have helped you evolve to that person who's reflection you see each morning in your mirror. Over time your opinions have shaped the attitude that you have towards life, personality traits and even your feelings.

If you are able to mentally grasp the difference between living in the past and learning from it then perhaps it will be easier for you to understand that every single one of us is a unique individual with a unique past. Try not to judge anyone by their actions, behavior or being at a different social level as you. Some people have been through some real shit storm that most of us know only from the movies. If you ever come across someone like that try to reach out instead of devaluating them even further. Who knows how your help can affect them. Seeing someone evolve from a "cocoon into a butterfly" right in front of your eyes is a real treat for your soul. Some of us had a better start in life than others. Some have two parents and come from wealthy families, they finished best universities, got scholarships because they had time to study and grow, they did not have to work while they were still in high school or worry about what's for dinner. They could play sports, ride bikes, and really enjoy their childhood.

Others came from single parent situation with multiple siblings and extreme poverty. Who is there to say that they are not smart enough to have a decent conversation with a Harvard graduate. Have faith in people.

Of course you will also come across those that would need serious therapy sessions or even medications. Most don't even want any help because they are comfortable in their little bubble of misery. If you will try to be their friend, they will pull you down and drain all your energy. Ba aware, you cannot safe everyone. There is three different mind sets that dictate how we run our life. I will discuss those in my following articles. There is people out there that will try to take advantage of you. For this it is crucial for you to work on your emotional intelligence and learn to use it wisely.

In my next article I will be writing about the first of the mindsets. The Victim. Stay tune.

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