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Thriver Mindset

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Dedicated to all the heroes who are fighting the bushfires in Australia.

Thrivers are individuals who are insatiable curious and in constant improvement and growth of themselves. If you want to reach this mindset the first thing you need to know is that YOU ARE ENOUGH. All of us always question if we are enough to be able to do what we want. This happens when you compare yourself to other people and what they're up to. But your life is relative only to you. We all have different journeys. We also compare ourself to our expectations and constantly tell ourselves that we will be good enough only "if or when" something positive happens in our life. That bullshit excuse is a never ending vicious circle. You need to free yourself of this mindset and accept that who you are now is good enough. You can accomplish anything. Think about the times when you felt great and empowered by things that were happening in your life. What kind of mindset did you have then? Think about the biggest challange you faced so far and how did you overcome it. Think about the one thing that you need to let go of your past that will make you feel liberated. And finally think about the last 10 years or so and see what have you accomplish since then and how much have you grown.

It is important to know that mindset is not the type of personality, and chances are that your thoughts may shift with different situations during the day. But there is a type of mindset that you are more likely to gravitate toward as you face stressful situations. The thrivers mindset however can help you meet your challenges with enthusiasm and opportunity to turn chaos into solution, pressure into productivity and shady circumstances to the opportunities. The mindset of a thriver also includes an ability to trust in the “flow” of life rather than always needing to try to control it. People who know how to thrive develop the capacity to perceive life through a lens of possibilities and opportunities rather than through a filter of obstacles and limitations.

Many of us, including myself, have wounds and painful experiences that we carry for years that influence our sense of worthiness and self confidence. If left unhealed those burdens affect our capabilities to thrive. I have carried crosses on my back for many years myself. Moving from 1 continent to another against my wishes has left me with wounds that I thought will never heal. Saying goodbyes to my friends and family members was heartbreaking. Many of them I knew I will never see again, specially the older members of the family. When you are locked in that last hug and you know this is the last time you can feel their love and warmth you don't want to let go. It takes so much energy out of you that you just want to lay down and stay in a fetus position until someone comes over to safe you. I have always wondered; How is it possible for some people to just go forward and be unstoppable despite enormous obstacles. When I finally realized what was going on, my entire wold has changed. It is all about your mindset.

In the past few months, I also have been watching the brutally sad news from Australia. The loss of so much life is overwhelming. It breaks my heart and truly brings tears to my eyes seeing the devastating growing numbers of those innocent creatures death toll. Over 480 million lives in only few months. Six years of WWII took 60 million souls. Can you see the enormous amount of devastation? I know we are not talking about human life here but that doesn't mean that animals are less important. As we watch the news though there is a site to disasters that we don't always see. News always focuses on victims, other side to the story is that there are people out there that are absolutely unstoppable. Rescuing other humans and poor little marsupials, koalas and wallabies. Those people are the heroes nobody talks about. They're motivated by fear and accept the risk because they are motivated by progress. So what happens when people face a tremendous tragedy? When you are under huge pressure there is two dimensions involved. Power and purpose. People with thriver mindset feel that they have the power to make a difference, they will stay engaged and take risks and it is not about them. One of those heroes is Mark Walker, an Australian man who risked his life to save his neighbors homes from deadly bushfires. Another one will be Toni Doherty, a motorist who we know from facebook videos who rescued a badly burned koala near Port Macquarie, New South Wales. And only yesterday Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd, paid tribute to Peter Thorneycroft, who sprayed water from buckets handed up to him from the roof of the pub as 20 people sheltered inside. The witnesses say that nearby houses had all exploded, and if Peter hadn't done what he did the pub would have gone up too. All those people are just ordinary man but I cannot even begin to imagine what it would mean for me to stand in their presence. Presence of a hero. Extraordinary minds and extraordinary humans. I am sure that there is many, many more that reporters could not get too at the right time. They easily could just stand there doing nothing because they are victims just like everybody else. Or they could act like a bystander who would yell for somebody to do something.

The key is to stop yourself from always saying “I wish I could” but believe in yourself and know that you can. You are the only person that stops you from doing the "impossible". This is the key to happiness.

Thriving mindset is a phenomenon that you must constantly think about and instill in your daily life to see positive results, remembering that you are in a cycle of lifelong learning. No matter where you at in your journey and no matter what age, there is always room for improvement. It is never too late.

My two daughters on the beach in Noosa, Australia
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