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Understanding Of Life = Quantum Physics

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The above statement could not be truer because the definition for both is exactly the same:

~Everybody knows about it, we found both to be incredibly complicated and nobody has a clue what it is truly about.~

The other point of view on equality of both subjects would be the level of understanding quantum mechanics and life. Once comprehended, the whole meaning of both would magically reveal itself. Few would most likely find it disappointing because the importance of their own life would suddenly become questionable, while others would find it so much more meaningful. So, how hard is it really?

The misunderstanding of science is caused by the interpretation of it. Scientists don't explain things to us in a way the general public would grasp because they assume everyone understands their language. Maybe because this is the only language they know. The passion to become a scientist often reveals itself at a very early age. I know a lot of little boys for example, who know a lot more about dinosaurs than me, and they're only 4 or 5 years old.

Scientists often complain that their research has been misinterpreted by the media. Like: weed cures brain cancer; a penny dropped from the empire state building can kill a person on the sidewalk, or that humans use only 10% of their brains. However, that last one is debatable and if one would take the time to study human behavior during COVID-19, could maybe agree to that being true.

Have you ever been a part of a conversation with someone who was passionately sharing with you their interests, assuming it sounds equally fascinating to you as well?

That actually happens to me often in conversations with people who just learned about my passion for painting. They often assume that the life stories of famous artists must be of great importance to me. Honestly, some names people are telling me hit my dark brain matter and come back to my neo-cortex as nothing. Because why should it? Yes, I have heard of some famous names just like everyone else but why do people think that if you are a painter you automatically know every artist in the world.

"Isn't it your passion?" -- they ask.

And that's where it gets confusing for people. My passion is painting, not stalking. I rather spend my free time in front of a blank canvas with nice music in the background, then in front of my computer screen checking out someone else works or learning details of their lives. Sure, I am an art lover as well and have seen amazing pieces I admire but still, I'd rather paint then study the life story of the guy who painted it or what he felt at that moment. Another example would be everyone telling me stories about their pets because they know that I have a work history in the veterinary industry. Yes, I know, it's cute and all, but seriously?

Because I have been brought up to at least try to be polite, I patently listen, and after a while, the thread of this conversation becomes a dread and I have no idea what are they talking about. At the end of such tête-à-tête, you just stand there... Without not only any useful information but also with a few brain cells less.

For God's sake, I don't want to blame anyone for this sort of conversation, because I have been on both sides. I also have passions that I think are fascinating and even though as an introvert I should keep it to myself. If I start talking about something that interests me on a deeper level, I can go on and on for hours about it. Thinking that it should be of equal interest to you as well. I am also known for cutting people off in the middle of their sentences because I thought that what I have to say is more important. Perhaps as a coach, I should know better, and maybe I will think about it next time... (Smiles).

If it comes to science, most of us are on the listening part of a conversation. We just stand there and after a while, we don't feel any wiser and experience all sorts of emotions. We are annoyed because we don't even try to understand the subject, or we realize how little do we know and that alone, can be intimidating because till now we always thought of ourselves as being pretty clever. But I tell you... Don't feel bad about your ignorance and own it. That's a lot better than walking around talking nonsense about things we think we know. Because over time we lose credibility and people will stop listening to us all together even if whatever we have to say is very important for once.

Quantum mechanics itself is really not so hard to understand. It is the description of the smallest things in the Universe. Things are smaller than an atom, neuron, electron, things that electrons are made of. We study how they interact with light. As tiny as they can be, the behavior is the fundamental rule of the Universe, and yet things that are happening there are so strange. Now, if you imagine all those smallest things in the universe as tiny little balls bouncing off of each other. If the bouncing will be disturbed, it will change direction. We can predict the direction the bouncing will take but there is a chance that it will take a totally unexpected turn. For example, we wake up in the morning, go to work knowing what time we finish, and finally go back home. But there is always that chance of something happening and that, even though a very high possibility, will be disrupted. This phenomenon is called the particle-wave duality. This is something as we generally call destiny, good luck, bad luck, juju, or just pure chance. And yet nothing happens by chance. There is a cause to everything because the movement is caused by energy, and whatever it was that disrupted our day will have a ripple effect on other things. In other words, we call it also a butterfly effect. The butterfly effect happens when a butterfly flaps its wings with a specific force in Japan and disrupts the surrounding airflow in a way, that can in time cause a tornado in Florida.

The movement of those tiny particles is a little abstract to us because they can go to different directions at the same time. That action is physically impossible for us and if we would like to turn we can go only right or left and never both directions at the same time. But those tiny particles can do that and the whole Universe is made out of those elements. Even we are -- our bodies are build from those elements. So even though it is hard for us to imagine such an unpredictable movement, it is happening all around us.

It's great if we have a direction chosen in our life but anything can happen anytime. We need to be OK with this because this is the law of the Universe. The only thing we have on our site is the positive energy to guide us. Once the negativity creeps in, our path might change with it.

As you see, the same law applies to quantum mechanics as to life itself. Nothing can be predicted and nobody promised us tomorrow. There is only one thing that we can use it for our advantage. It is energy. We already know that everything surrounding us is energy and energy is in constant motion. Energy is charged positively or negatively. The positive energy can create more positive the same as negative can create more negative. At the same time, both energies attract each other and under different circumstances, they can affect each other where positive becomes negative and vice versa.

For us, humans, it is important to create as much positive energy as we can, because it is the core reason for our survival. Nobody wants negative things to happen to us. At the same time, we need to accept negativity as well, because there is no positivity without it. Doing the right thing is vital if we want to attract more positive energy into our lives. By doing the right thing, means to care equally about ourselves as others. By sacrificing your own health, well being, and happiness to make someone else feel good is not the right thing to do. You are doing the right thing when you are happy to do so. If that means changing your whole life around, then you really need to give it a thought. Because even if you are trying to do the right thing by others at the price of being charged with negative energy yourself, then it is a disaster waiting to happen. Not just to you but it can also eventually affect the lives of those you care so much about. Because that is the law of the universe. When you find yourself in the right place, with the right people then positivity invites itself into your life almost instantly. This is the time of many opportunities revealing itself right in front of you, and life elevates to new, mystical, and magical levels. In case you're interested in how to do that I would recommend checking my book -- "Turn Your Shit Into Magic" where I try to explain different aspects and elements of our life we should pay more attention to in order to lead a happy and healthy life.

Don't be fooled by thoughts that great success can be attained only by dishonesty because true happiness can be achieved only by doing the right thing.

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