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In traditional terms, the 5 senses are sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. All living organisms are believed to possess 5 senses, not just mammals. For each of us to survive and thrive, we must collect information from our world. This is necessary so that they can respond profitably to the world...

Many people believe that animals have a sixth sense, and one of their abilities is to sense the future. Unfortunately, scientific proof of this ability is very limited.

New studies, however, indicate that humans do actually have a sixth sense. It's called proprioception, and it involves the way in which our brain interprets where our limbs are and how our bodies are positioned in space. When you say someone has a sixth sense, you are referring to their natural ability to be aware of things before others or to be aware of things that others are not.

Despite having this resource, most of us do not use it. A recent study published in the journal Nature suggests that people with a sixth sense can use it to navigate through the darkness when their eyesight is not able to see.

While we all possess a sixth sense, those who have mastered its use are a different kind of people and sadly are not always taken seriously by the 5 sensors.

In fact, the 5 sensors are only people who live out of their left brains and out of their egos. This is the only way they identify themselves. This is because the ego is fearful by nature. A person with such a perspective views everything as "me against you". In other words, people frighten them. There is a defense wall they raise in front of them, and people can only enter within a very narrow radius. As a result, this person is extremely careful and is not terribly available to other people, as they are walking through a minefield of fear. How come? Because the 6th sense acts as a beacon of safety in uncertain territory. How would it feel to be lost at sea without the stars guiding your journey and without the beacon of safety in the distance? What a terrifying environment this would be.

People who can't access their 6th sense are also unable to recognize subtle energy, which we also refer to as intuitive energy.

Five-sensory people are easily identified by their tight buttocks and tight lips. A tight butt syndrome causes them to always answer "fine" when asked how they are. It's a classic TBS.

And then there are those who have developed their sixth sense, and they understand we are a spiritual body powered by cosmic energy. Those people know it's not about them, it's about us. Opportunity presents itself with every heartbeat to those who don't regard the world as a potential enemy. The 6 sensors don't fear anyone, they encourage each other and say, "Let's connect," and "Let's create something together." They have a spark in their eyes and a little more energy in their hips. They almost dance their way through lives knowing it's up to us to spin the energy the way we like.

The five sensors tend to stop the flow and try to control it. Take a moment to think about it and get more information. The 6 sensors do more than think; they are fully present in the moment. Feelings, hearings, and responses occur before the brain is able to analyze them. They move when it's time or withdraw when necessary. Six sensors are notified before the left brain can combine all the information and tell a story. Their 6th sense is the most reliable and should be trusted before it gets defined, formulated to win approval, and then abandoned. This is because they know that it will always guide them home. It understands no fear because it trusts your heartbeat, your life force, and your ability to breathe.

A sixth sense can be developed just like any other skill. The more you practice, the better you get. Connecting to your super sense is a case of using it or losing it. Let me know if you need help.

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