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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Inspired by "The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind" ~ Vishen Lakhiani

I was born in Poland. As a child I was sharing a room with my mother at my grandparents house. Two of my moms younger brothers lived there too and one of them even with his wife and child. It was a small 2 bedroom apartment. When I grew up I married the most beautiful man I have ever seen, and I have two beautiful children. But there was something missing, I was depressed and could not shake off that feeling. For the bystander it seemed that I was crazy because I had everything that one needs for a happy life. I decided to leave all of that behind and move on by myself. I got a divorce and what they call “life crises” really hit me then. My painful healing process took several years, until something happened within myself and I understood that I have the power to design my own future. This is when I really took off. Now, I live in a place I love surrounded by people that inspire me. I have a meaningful job and I was even able to create my own coaching company. The only part that saddens me is that my husband of almost 20 years, has never met me as this confident, happy human being that I am today. But I also know that by his side I still would have been the sad, depressed, weak person. If you have people by your side that don’t belief in you, the danger of you not believing in yourself becomes your reality.

Here is the rub… If I was able to do it. You are able to do it too.

Crafting your future is not being born to a wealthy family, going to private schools and having everything laid out for you at your feet. It is to understand your goals and understand the rules that will help you to become a remarkable human.

Goal setting is not just for money or career, it is for life. It is critical to understand, that goals, no matter how important they are, DO NOT define you. THEY EMPOWER YOU.

There is 2 types of goals.

- Means goals and,

- End goals

End goals define outcomes where you're unwilling to compromise, they describe exactly what you want.. How you want to grow, what you want to experience and how you want to contribute to the World. Means goals, on the other hand, define one of many paths to reach your end goals. You get there by becoming an extraordinary human being, and that abstract thought is definitely not out of your reach.

To help you achieve that moment I will post 10 simple rules to follow:

1. Transcend the Culturescape. This is what the society tells you, who you should be and what you should study, where you should work in order to have a successful life, Take a look around you, Do you think that all those people, working 80 hrs a week, drowned in debt and stressed all the time are living their ideal life? Is that what you really want? Try need to be able to selective choose the rules and conditions to follow versus those to question or ignore.

2. Question the brules. BRULES = Bullshit + Rules. Brules exist because we are told to follow rules that are laid out by others. These rules can come from religion, culture, politics, media, etc. and are not necessary right for us. Those are rules that not necessary designed to serve us but instead the can be quite limiting. So, it’s why it is important to design your own set of rules and follow them for yourself instead follow all the other rules for everybody else.

3. Practice consciousness engineering. It is a powerful method to hack your beliefs and habits, that are holding you back and to shape who you are. There are 2 parts to this. 
 A. Models of reality - these are your beliefs 
 B. Systems for living - these are your practice and habits that you follow on daily basis.

4. Rewrite your models of reality. These are the beliefs ingrained in you since you were a child. Good news is, that you can design what you want your reality to be. Get rid of what doesn’t serve you and rewrite your models of reality.

5. Upgrade your systems for living. Systems for living are the daily practices that you use on day to day basis. Those systems include everything from eating to working, parenting, and even making love. You can upgrade your systems for living by finding new once and testing them.

6. Bending the reality. It is an incredible joy of living where everything seems to click and luck seems to be something you can control. Once you fully connected with your inner intelligence. Let your intuition guide you bending your reality. We become more compassionate, and gentle when we learn to hang out in a light body. It is also an incredible frequency riser.

7. Live in blissipline. Happiness is hackable and blissipline is a beautiful discipline for leveling your happiness everyday. There are 3 principles that you can practice on daily basis that will boost you happiness and bliss levels. These principles are:
 - Gratitude
 - Forgiveness
 - Giving

8. Create a vision for your future. Dream big, ask big, your vision should scare you a little and excite you a lot. This will propel your actions forward.

9. Be unfackwithable. It means that nothing that happens around you can bother you or get in your way creating the reality that you want to design. Nothing, not people opinions, not what people think, not what they say. Nobody can change the direction you heading towards because you’re so clear so confident in yourself that you keep moving forward. You feel rock solid within yourself.

10. Embrace your quest. Have you learned to go beyond, just living in the world to changing it by discovering your quest. What is it that you want to aspire to you, what is it that you chasing, what is the quest that you’re on. GO ahed and discover that quest and pursue it with all your heart and soul.

Now answer those questions for yourself.
If everything went just the way you wanted, how wold your life look in the next 3 years? 
Why is your vision important? 
Make a vision for yourself by answering this question. If you want to paint it out. Paint it out.

Find the emotion behind your :why”. Having a grand vision and having a great “why” will give you something to chase, something that is inspirational to you, and something that will get you to create that forward momentum to keep moving forward

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