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Your Powerful Presence

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Every aspect of your presence has a social meaning, including your emotions. People are “sensing you out” before you even speak. Therefore, you need to develop your cognitive and sensory awareness to ensure people feel safe and uplifted by your presence. Why don't we start by making your body and mind to be present in the moment. If you would like to change the world around you it will be impossible before you make the internal change within yourself. There are 5 states that you need to pay close attention to first. Those states are closely connected and interact with each other holistically for your overall wellbeing.

1. Mental state

2. Brain state

3. Body state

4. Spiritual state

5. Emotional state

Mind state: Your mind is the control center of all that you are. “State of mind” is defined as the quality of one’s consciousness as it relates to the outside world, as well as the perception of their inner thoughts and emotions. It is crucial to unclutter your mind before you start any important task. The secret of your performance is not your intelligence level or skills, but it is the state of your mind. Most people simply think they have to live with whatever mood they’re in, but you do not have to be a prisoner of your mind. To change your state of mind, you can do something as simple as adjusting your posture or making an eye contact with people around you. You can smile, just to trick your mind into thinking you’re feeling better than you actually are. Eventually, your emotions and mindset will follow. Instead of trying to control everything and make it fit your expectations, you can simply accept the situation and flow with it. Expectations can be dangerous for your mind. They often lead to frustrations and arguments. Instead turn them to appreciations and watch your life unfold to an unexpected beauty.

Brain state: when you reference to the brain you need to think about the chemical composition. We can activate more parts of the brain with the vitamins, foods and practices that support brain performance. Our brain works differently depending on the 5 types of brain waves we experience: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

Gamma: Brainwaves are the fastest of brain waves, they activate during learning and help you process information. Your mind has to be quiet to be able access gamma waves.

Beta: Low-amplitude brain waves that are commonly observed in an awaken state.

Alpha: Alpha brainwaves dominate during quietly flowing thoughts, when you are calm and concentrated, and also in some meditative states. They are pretty helpful in managing stress.

Theta: Theta brainwaves occur most often in sleep but also in deep meditation. Theta is our gateway to learning, memory, and intuition. In theta, our senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on signals originating from within. It is that twilight state which we normally only experience fleetingly as we wake or drift off to sleep. In theta we are in a dream; vivid imagery, intuition and information beyond our normal conscious awareness. It’s where we hold our ‘stuff’, our fears, troubled history, and nightmares.

Delta: Waves that are generated in the deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Delta waves suspend external awareness and are the source of empathy. Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state, and that is why deep sleep is so essential to the healing process.

Body state: It is so easy to get caught up in developing your mind state but neglecting the state of your body at the same time is a huge mistake. Your body is your vessel. If your body is an a bad shape, hurts or is lacking energy your emotions can easily become chaotic. Because the body is primarily composed of water, staying hydrated is crucial to your physical health. Regular exercise is another important element of your wellbeing. You don’t need to become a gym rat. Getting off the couch to play with your kids or go on a hike as a family creates memories and good habits. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less fast food. Recharge your battery by getting a good night rest. Sleep allows the body to restore itself, cells to repair themselves, and the brain to reboot. Remember to wash your hands. Most viruses are spread by coming in contact with something a sick person touched: doorknob, water fountain, or flusher. You touch those items and then, without giving it a second thought, touch your face or grab a bite of food. The next thing you know, you're sick.

Spiritual state: Your spirit is the energy that flows through your body, it is what connects you to the Infinite Intelligence. It is what helps you to create deeper and more meaningful connections with other human beings. In the material world, the time is experienced as past, present and future. On the spiritual plane however, time is experienced as one eternal present moment. Being a spiritual person is synonymous with being a person whose highest priority is to be loving to yourself and others. A spiritual person cares about people, animals and the planet. A spiritual person knows that we are all ONE.

Emotional state: By nurturing your emotional state, you will make sure that you always function at peak states. Emotions are complex. Being emotionally healthy does not mean you are happy all the time. It means you are aware of your emotions. You can deal with them, whether they are positive or negative. Emotionally healthy people still feel stress, anger, and sadness. But they know how to manage their negative feelings. They can tell when a problem is more than they can handle on their own. They also know when to seek help without feeling obliged to anyone in return, and hence in a position of weakness.

It is very important to find your daily routine that will allow you to take care and give attention to each one of the states I described in this article. Find purpose and meaning. Figure out what it is important to you in life, and focus on that. This could be your work, your family, volunteering, caregiving, or something else. Spend your time doing what feels meaningful to you. Stay positive. Focus on the good things in your life. Forgive yourself for making mistakes, and forgive others. Spend time with healthy, positive people. And lastly, don’t put it off for the next weekend, Christmas holidays or the zombie apocalypse. Start today and be regular. It won’t take long before you begin to see the difference!

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